12 Most Liked Video On Youtube-2021

With 2 billion viewers and 5 billion per day video views, youtube is the no 1 online video platform.  In just 1 min 500 hours of videos are uploaded on youtub.720,0000 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube on daily basis. Due to this huge amount of data we are going to see the 10 most liked videos on youtube.

Most Liked Video On Youtube

12. Sorry By Justin Bieber

After 2008 Justin was become’s one of the best singers in the world .it difficult to tell how this video get 14 million likes .because in the “sorry” singer Justin Bieber did not appear. Due to Bieber’s voice and new zealand’s dancers, both Justin lover and hater watched this video and thus it got 14 million like and 3.47 b views on youtube.

Views: 3.47B


Comments: 863k

Social Share: 5.80M Facebook

Released: 23 Oct 2015r

11. Mi Gente By J Balivin, Willy William

This is one of those Spanish songs that crossed 13M Plus Likes On Youtube. Mi Gente is a Spanish Lyrics Song. It was Actually a remix performed By Willy Willam’s “Voodoo Song“.

Views: 2.98B


Comments: 519k

Social Share: 2.80M Facebook

Released: 30 Jun 2017

10. Hello by Adele

Hello, the song is one of the darkest songs. The witch was written by adele herself. Record this video got 21M shares on Facebook witch is incredible.

Views: 2.88B


Comments: 927k

Social: 21M Facebook

Released: 31 May 2018

9. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars


Uptown Funk was one of the best songs years in 2016. this song stayed No1 on Billboard Hot 100 For a record of 14 weeks. it was the best collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars witch Goes worthy.

Views: 4.29B


Comments: 576k

Social Share: 3.60M Facebook

Released: 19 Nov 2014

8. Baby by Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. He became famous in the age of 13. Justin was discovered by Scooter Braun in 2008. he sings 62 singles songs so far. but his song baby was released in 2010 and become so famous.

Views: 2.57B


Comments: 4.77M

Social Share: 1.20M Facebook

Released: 19 Feb 2010

7. Girls Like You by Maroon 5, Cardi B

Girls Like you song was written by lead singer Adam Levine, Starrah, Gian Stone, Cirkut, and Jason Evigan. Lead singer Levine’s wife appears with his Daughter. it was recorded in 2017 in the American band Maroon 5.

Views: 3.12B


Comments: 660k

Social Share: 4M Facebook

Released: 31 May 2018

6. Alone by Marshmallo

The Video “Alone” By Marshmallo Is the story of every high school student. this story is about those student’s persecute Others.

The boy in this video was a talented electronic DJ but his classmates were don’t know. One of his friends comes to his home and from the window, she listens the sound of music. She makes a video and the video went viral in his school. When classmates discover his talent they not just accept him but start a dance party during school time.

Views: 2.12B


Comments: 1M

Social Share: 1.20M Facebook

Released: 2 Jul 2016

5. Gangnam Style by Psy

In 2012 when Gangnam styles were released they became famous due to a catchy style of dancing and beat. Changing different places makes this song even more interesting. The singer went everywhere, ordinary and special. This thing Makes it more Beautiful.

Views: 4.18B


Comments: 5.30M

Social: 742k Facebook

Released: 15 Jul 2012

4. Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

According to the singer ( Ed Sheeran), the song is written by Rihanna. But due to some of the lyrics did not fit well he kept this for himself.

The story in this video revolves around  Jennie ( Model) and Sheeran who play the roles of boxing partner and love interest. Boxing video build’s interest of the audience to watch.

Views: 3.14B


Comments: 1.23M

Social: 12M Facebook

Released: 30 Jan 2017


3. Faded by Alan Walker

faded Song of Alan Walker Becomes Top Performing song in the world and Scandinavian countries. His video Got 1 Million Comments Witch is Such amazing.

Views: 5.45B


Comments: 1.10M

Social: 11M Facebook

Released: 4 Dec 2015

2. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth

The video starts with a beautiful sunset and piano Backing. fast and furious sense also makes this video more interested to become more likely video.

Views: 5.25B


Comments: 2.14M

Social: 12M Facebook

Released:7 Apr 2015

Know the main Question: What is the Most Liked Video On Youtube?

1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi

Despacito is the Most Liked Video on Youtube. It is not the most liked video it is also the most-watched video on the Video sharing platform YouTub.

it is not just a video. Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and state television banned this video due to Offensive lyrics.

anyway, this video Got 7 Guinness World Records with different record titles witch is incredible.

Views: 7.53B


Comments: 4.14M

Social: 24M Facebook

Released:13 Jan 2017

How to get Most Likes on Youtube Videos?

To get more likes you need to do marketing and do something different. If you are a singer then you need a voice like Adam Levine’s or Ed Sheeran’s a face like a hero and a huge fan following. There are some tips which you can use to get more and more likes quickly.

Ask For Likes: if you really want to get the most likes on youtube. You should need to ask for likes. it should be in the form of writing in your video you should mention or ask 1 to 2 times for like. you should ask at the start or and of video for like as others are doing. if you cannot ask you cannot get.

Gain subscribers: If you have a large number of subscribers it’s mean your audience likes and loves your content and gives you likes without asking. You should need to build trust in your audience they will give you big thumbs-up.

Get exposure:  You should need to promote yourself on different platforms like on your website or on your social media networks. It will help you to grow faster.

Invest in advertising: Advertisement is one of the best and fast ways to grow your business. It also helps you on growing your youtube channel as well as likes. You should try this method only when you know your content will be loved by the audience.


Top 12 most liked video on youtube is dominated from the music category. There is a lot you can learn from these and build your own fan following and gets more likes. I have gives you few tips hope so if you follow these you will get results soon. One day you should be proud of you can be becoming the most liked video owner on youtube.

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